“SUCCUBUS” is a film that both straight and gay audiences will appreciate. It's designed to give a few good laughs, as well as some food for thought…

The term “SUCCUBUS” refers to a mythological demon who has sex with sleeping men. (The counterpart is Incubus who has sex with sleeping women.) It's not exactly a title one may expect from a film about the plight of two lesbian women. However, it is a fitting one, and has a "tongue in cheek" quality, congruent with the tone of the film.

“SUCCUBUS” was inspired by a newspaper article I read about the work of Australian scientist Dr Orly Lacham Kaplan. She has been able to create mouse embryos by fertilizing egg cells with chromosomes from another female mouse, making semen unnecessary for reproduction. At least, unnecessary in mice! The research offers hope that someday both infertile men and lesbian couples can become biological parents.

I hope you enjoy the film!