Growing up in the suburbia of small-town Oshawa, Angela Vint is a long way from where she started. While landing her first tv gig on "TRADERS", which also gave her a Gemini nomination, she was still in Universtiy. Since then she has tried to make a name for herself as an established Canadian actor. She has gone on to star in both Canadian and New Zealand tv series such as "Mercy Peak", "This is Wonderland", "Blue Murder" and many more. Her film credits include leading roles in features such as "Urban Legends", "19 Months" and "Slatlands" as well various stageworks such as "Closer" and "Dangerous Liasons".

Angela is thrilled to star in her first short film Succubus: "It is very rare to land such a great role, in a great script and get to work with such talented cast and crew. To find that combination all in one project is a luxury and I loved every minute of it. I only hope that next time I can have bigger pipes that will enable me to do the stunt stuff too."